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“Benedict is an extremely reliable courier,he offers a top notch service at great value for money. He has couriered for us for many years and has always gotten each package to its destination on time. Benedict offers an exceptional customer service and is someone you can always rely on.”  Shelley Lindsay of On Screen Productions, Chepstow.

Track Record

After the best part of 30 years as a same-day courier I can offer you un-rivalled operating experience, a real “Pony Express”* attitude and a sole-trader price point.


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  • Ring me on 07885 49 44 70 for availability, collection time, estimated delivery time and price.

  • If I’m available you get the best service at the best price, if I’m not available you only lose a few seconds of your valuable time.

* “The mail shall always get through” was the motto of the original Pony Express mail service in America